Mohamed A. Gawad | Andreas Reihse | Dice Miller: Celluloid Corridors



Release date: 05.05.2017     Company: Wanda

Cassette, Dl, ltd. 50 copies


SIDE A   Timehelix   8:57
Words & Voice, Mohamed A. Gawad
Music & Arrangements, Andreas Reihse
Additional Voice, Dice Miller

SIDE B   Sermon   10:51
Words & Voice, Dice Miller
Music & Arrangements, Andreas Reihse


"A reel unwinds into a stream of celluloid consciousness..." (Mohamed A. Gawad)

Artwork by Dice Miller


Spells of silence, ambient hum, celluloid glitch, vocal hybrids. Voices summoned from the lucid realms of the technologically-spirited, more-than-human archive.

Part film-manifesto, part audio-essay, part cinematic-séance, channelled via the voice/words of Cairo-based artist/writer, Mohamed A. Gawad, & the voice/words of Berlin/Salford-based, FITH co-founder, filmmaker, writer Dalia Neis aka. Dice Miller; with music/arrangement/celluloid-splicing from Berlin-based Kreidler-chief, Andreas Reihse.


Gawad | Reihse | Miller: Celluloid Corridors 5.1 surround audio installation